Meme Mechanic & Virology of Religion

“The world holds two classes of humans: Intelligent humans without religion, and religious humans without intelligence.”
Abu-al-Ala al-Ma’arri, (973 CE to 1058 CE), Syrian philosopher

You might think that the above quote is an exaggeration. When you finish reading Religovirology, you might think otherwise. The model proposed in the book generates similar outcomes. Also the bleeding-edge biological and psychological researches seem to be converging towards the same conclusion: there is something intellectually wrong with holding religious beliefs. Seriously!

It is all about modelling

This book is an attempt to provide enough hypotheses for a new model of religion to come. A new way of looking at religion is necessary. We need to have more quantitative measures to study religion. Let us think of religions as if they are viruses, they behave like viruses, they spread like viruses, and we can trace them in the same way we can trace viruses, and we can treat them in the same way we can (or can we?) treat viruses. Let us push this model forward and see if it can take care of at least a portion of the problems we have with religions.


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