Meme Mechanic & Virology of Religion


In year 1976 Richard Dawkins came across a discovery that changed our understanding of the world forever. He noticed that thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and pieces of cultural elements, as well as information spread around the belief systems in the same way that genes make copies of themselves and multiply. He called those pieces of cultural elements that copy themselves and multiply and move from mind to mind “meme.” Why meme? Because it rhymes with “gene” and it behaves like one.

Memetics, the science of studying memes, is growing now and finding new fields to play on. One of those fields, not developed till now, is the study of religions. In Religovirology we make some observations and build a model upon them. The final goal is to be able to predict the behaviour of the meme of religion. Since religious beliefs have all properties of deleterious memes, we call them viruses of mind, whence comes religovirus and religovirology.

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