Meme Mechanic & Virology of Religion

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Religovirology is supposed to contain experimental reasoning concerning matter of fact and existence, complementary to a project like The Impossibility of God (Martin and Monnier 2003) that contains abstract reasoning.

If we want to make a strong methodology to treat religionitis (religion infection), we need to have certain issues ironed out before we begin. A scientist who needs to study the disorder faces the challenge of showing how supernatural hypotheses fail in all respects. Such hypotheses live on dishonesty, ignorance, fear, and misunderstanding of several issues. Unfortunately, we cannot do much about the dishonesty of the patients. Nevertheless, we can:

  • Start to learn how the brain works
  • See the role of language in myth making
  • Build a theory of function
  • Understand intentionality
  • Break down the mystery of consciousness
  • Deal with the puzzle of free will
  • And prove the inevitability of logic
These are the main themes used repeatedly to support the failed hypothesis of religion. Consequences of studying them can be huge.


Michael Martin, and Ricki. Monnier. 2003. The Impossibility of God. Amherst, N.Y.: Prometheus Books.

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